Owens Corning acoustic and noise control products. The section on theater insulating systems has some good information on wall construction details.

Instructions for building a cylindrical bass absorber based upon the ASC "tube trap".

More Instructions for building a cylindrical bass absorber this uses a different type of construction then the first one.

Help with Helmholtz style absorbers

An article on building resonate panel absorbers it first appeared in the June 1995 issue of Electronic Musician magazine.)

U.S. Gypsum makers of Gypsum Drywall and RC-1 Resilient Channels for wall construction. They now have a online version of their USG Construction Handbook which has many details for building "High Sound-Attenuation" walls for noise control. You can buy a hard copy of the book for only $12 "a must have reference"

Malcolm Chisholm's The Recording Studio Design Page has articles most of which appeared in Mix

Mac the Scope is a Full-featured, audio-frequency, two-channel real-time spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope and precision signal generator software for Macintosh Computers.

Metric Halo Laboratories' SpectraFooŞ Visual Audio Monitoring System a complete suite of high-resolution, high-speed audio metering instruments. Including: Full-featured audio spectrum analyzer, audio frequency oscilloscope, Spectragram spectral history meter.

SIA Software developed Smaart Pro to provide sound system contractors, acoustical consultants and audio professionals with a practical, accurate, cost-effective and easy-to-use sound system optimization and acoustical analysis tool.

Acoustical Interiors is a division of Systems Development Group produce Diffusor, foam and fiberglass acoustic panels.

World Wide Pro Audio Directory Links to many pro audio sites and companies

Walters-Storyk Design Group a leader in the architectural acoustics field, with over 900 world-class recording studios, radio stations, video facilities, and home theaters. They have some very useful articles on acoustics and design

RPG Diffusor Systemsoffers a wide range of absorbing and diffusing products.

AudioWorld OnLine Professional and HiFi Audio Directory, News and Community

Art Ludwig's Sound Page The nature of sound, room acoustics, Sound demo .wav files, HRTFs, DIY sound system design and construction, Loudspeaker measurements

Lonely Island Studio Session Logs of Lonely Island Studio projects include mic placement, remote location recording, sound proofing and acoustic treatment, mix-down and mastering.

Campanella Associates Acoustical Consutltants, Acoustics FAQ, Air System Quieting, Building Acoustics.

international links

AIRO IMPROVING SOUND INSULATION pages about Improving sound insulation of separating floors, Improving sound insulation of separating walls, Converting a garage for music practice & recording links are at the bottom of the page. (english)

Custom Audio has articles on Basic Room Acoustics, Soundproofing Basics, Acoustic Doors, Transmission Loss in Detail (english)

Arkobel Soundproofing Materials and Systems. Arkobel sheets are composed of a mixture of polyurethane foams of different densities. (spanish / english)

Isover acoustic materials. Fiberglass panels similar to Owens Corning 703 (spanish)

Rockwool compressed mineral wool panels similar to Owens Corning 703 (most languages)

illbruck Ceiling and wall systems for pleasant and attractive room acoustics, as well as industrial noise protection, known as the maker of sonex in the US. (german / english)

Knauf wall systems drywall? my german is not very good if someone can email me a list of their products. (german)

Sonoweb More info about Spanish acoustic sites. (spanish)