Studiotips is a place to find information about acoustics, wiring and production tips for project studios, sound systems, and a/v installation. We hope cover everything from soundproofing your practice room to building a studio from the ground up. The small studio owner usually can't afford to hire an acoustical consultant, so we hope that people will be able to come to studiotips to exchange design tips on building a studio and find help solving their acoustical problems.

This site has been designed to work in conjuction with the acoustics mailing list. To get the most from this site you should join the mailing list. The files area contains drawings and photos of rooms discussed on the list, along with some programs to help with acoustical calculations. New pages are added to site as topics are discussed on the list.

If anyone has any articles they have written or would like to write, good photos, or plans they would be willing to share please let us know.

The book review page has a list of good books on acoustics and studio design, with links to so you don't have to hunt for them. If anyone wants to review them or suggest other books please e-mail studiotips

On 1/25/2004 the acoustics mailing list was lost on Yahoo. So far we not been able to find out from them what happened. A new forum has being created, all the posts from the old list will be archived there and we hope to rebuild the link section soon and files hosted on yahoo in coming weeks

The new acoustic forums are located at